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My Collection Of Japanese Fandom Stuff!

I've always wanted to do this. I gathered all of my various Japanese fandom items and cataloged them to put on display. I am very, very proud of my collection and it grows bigger every year, :D. I might do a collection post of all my European/American fandoms, but those are very minor and I highly doubt anyone has an interest in them.

The first four photos were taken back in November (hence the Hina shot on the K8 calender). And this is actually not everything. For instance, I have several posters and wall scrolls, but they are hanging up and I didn't want to photograph each one. Plus, there are some things I have in storage and piled beneath other stuff and I really didn't have the patience to dig it all out.

Japanese Musicians and Actors Related
Left half (left to right, top down):
NEWS flyer, 2 Ohkura shops, Yoko shop packet; Koyashige shop; ticket stop from Jin's first live in L.A.; ticket stub to "Gantz" in theaters; [big yellow thing] Daigo 2012 calendar; "Daigo Rock" photobook; K8 hologram thing.

right half:
K8 calendar 2009(?); 2 Miura Haruma "Letters" phobotbooks; Miura Haruma's "Switch" photobook; Naka Riisa's "Zebraqueen" photobook; Naka Riisa's "anno1989" photobook; Daigo's "DAIGOING L.A." photobook; Jin's "You N Jin" concert pamphlet; Gazette "Cockroach" era photobook; Sho's naked "An-an"; Ohkura's naked "An-an".

bottom (dvds):
Gazette - "NIL"; Last Quarter (HYDE); Arashi - "Scenes"; KAT-TUN - "Queen of Pirates"; News - "NEWS"; KAT-TUN - "II You"; Arashi - "Time"; Arashi - "5x10 PVS"; "Arashi - "5x10"; KAT-TUN - "Real Face"; News - "Live Diamond"

More J-Music
K8 2011-2012 calendar (currently on Novemeber); D[di:]'s "Fire Star Man" CD + booklet; pop/idol magazinessss; v-kei magazines; Purple Sky (a temporary US-based v-kei mag)

Part of my not-nearly-extensive-enough Evangelion Collection (I just could not get a good picture!)
Not all, but most. Action figures of Asuka, Rei, Unit-02, and a moe angel; a pair of Asuka's hairclips; Eva DVDs (platinum and regular); two "Newtypes" with front-page Eva stories.

Saber Marionette Collectibles + Other Anime (not all, but these are the ones I care about the most)
Two photobooks, Bloodberry jigsaw puzzle (the most random thing ever); SMJ vol 1-3 DVDs; SMJ Again DVD; SMJ-X vol 1-6 DVDs; SMR DVD; Slayers mouse pad; Serial Experiments Lain DVD boxset; Devil Hunter Yohko DVD boxset; Tenchi Muyo Second Movie DVD.

These are wonderful items my friend Liz brought back for me from her study-abroad in Japan.
Oshima Yuko's "Whose Are You?" photobook, Shinkami Asuka action figure, legit Asuka & Rei Pinkies!, Tamagotchi (this is actually a Christmas gift from John), and the front and back of a Unit-02 phone strap from Lawson.

I shudder to think about adding up how much all of these have cost me over the years. A lot of them were gifts too. I'll update to this post with more pictures each time I get a sizable amount more stuff worthy of a photo. (I do have a few more things on the way~.)


Dec. 27th, 2011 12:43 pm (UTC)
Which reminds me I still have a few items to give you..

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